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Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 robotic mower

Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 robotic mower review

Good value and feature packed, not as quiet as some

Our rating 
4.3 out of 5 star rating 4.3

In a nutshell

A good value robotic mower that is great at edges and has lots of features but the noise and height of cut adjustment are disappointing.
Set-up/ease of use
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Value for money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: Cuts over edges
Wide cutting width
Good features for price
Connectivity and voice control
Cons: Keypad harder to use
Comparatively noisy
Shorter run time
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How is the Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 installed?

Installation is not included in the cost of the mower and although you can do it yourself laying the boundary around a large lawn can be a difficult and time consuming job so it’s worth asking a local Cub Cadet dealer the cost of installing the mower for you. The extra cost will depend on the complexity of the lawn, but the dealer will assess the shape of the lawn, any obstacles such as flower beds within it and then use a cable layer to bury the boundary wire around the perimeter of the garden and back to the docking station.

The time this takes obviously depends on the size of the lawn but the cable layer does makes it incredibly quick.
If you do install it yourself you will need to purchase an installation cost separately. Plenty of advice including clear how-to videos are available on line.

Is the Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series™ 1000 easy to programme?

The keypad control is not straightforward to follow and far less intuitive than other mowers tested. Fortunately, there is connectivity via the Roboconnect app and voice control via Alexa to make things easier. The height of cut is also awkward to change and is adjusted from beneath the mower with a wing tool rather than the simple switch most have on the top of the mower.

How well does the Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 cut?

With a single steel blade that extends beyond the wheel base the XR2 cuts smoothly and efficiently including over edges, so there is no need to trim edges and awkward corners by hand. A turbo mode helps it tackle longer grass and the floating mowing deck helps it cope with slopes up to 36%.

It does sometimes fail to park, overrunning the charging station and getting stuck on top and it’s by far the noisiest mower tested – unlike other mowers the cutting noise is intrusive if you’re in the garden at the same time.

What Features does the Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 have?

The XR2 1000 has Robozone, a signal transmitter that allows the mower to cut not just a main and secondary sub area but also a separate zone without the need to buy another docking station. Unlike a lot of other mowers, the docking station also doesn’t need to be installed on the lawn but can be parked next to it in a more convenient place.

A rain sensor lets the mower know if the conditions are too wet for mowing and the mower will return to the docking station until the weather improves and security features include PIN code operation and GPS

A docking station cover, spiked wheels to help it cope with wet ground and Bluetooth remote control, which allows it to mow without the use of a boundary wire can also be bought separately.

Is the Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series™ 1000 good value for money?

The XR2 is a good price with excellent features and a two-year warranty. However, the noise and awkward height of cut adjuster are disappointing.

Are there other models available?

There are five robotic mowers in the Cub Cadet range covering lawns from 500m2 to 500m2. Prices range from £899 to £2,299.

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Product Specifications


Brand Cub Cadet
Name Cub Cadet XR2 Enduro Series 1000 Robotic Mower
Model XR2 Enduro Series 1000
Price £1149.00
Lawn mower type Robotic


Powered by Lithium-ion battery
Battery charge time 70min(s)
Battery life 50min(s)
Cutting height 15-60
Cutting width 28cm
Lawn size suitable for 1,000m²
Mulching Yes
Smart compatibility Yes
Noise 68dB
Weight 11kg
Warranty 2YEAR
Feature notes

Maximum slope 36%