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5 reasons spring is the perfect time to join the Woodland Trust

It’s the season of regeneration, and a time of year to be thankful for Britain’s exquisite natural surroundings. What better way to show some gratitude than with a Woodland Trust membership?


As the temperatures begin to warm up, and we see more and more sun, our nation’s woodlands become even more inviting and intriguing. Seas of bluebells adorn forest floors, and blossoms seem to constantly tumble through the air. And as nature begins giving us all the joys of spring, it’s just the right time to give something back to nature. Read on for five reasons your help would mean more to the Woodland Trust than ever before.

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1. You’ll be protecting centuries-old ancient woodlands

It’s hard to overstate how important ancient woodlands are to the UK’s wildlife. It’s also hard to overstate how threatened they are by so much of modern life, and that’s why the Woodland Trust’s constant restoration of ancient woodland is so vital. Penn Wood in Buckinghamshire is old enough that it featured in the Domesday Book, and was in dire straits back in 1998 before the Woodland Trust swooped in and bought it. These days, it’s well on its way back to former glory.

Woodland Trust

2. And ancient trees too

Ancient trees don’t have to be in the woods – you can find them anywhere. Those old, knobbly trees in the corner of a field, park or churchyard need protecting because they’ve been there so long and have seen so much. These trees can end up at the heart of thorny local issues, but the Woodland Trust will always be on the scene to make sure as many ancient trees stay standing as possible.

3. You’ll be keeping the nation’s heart beating

Every tree pumps out the oxygen that we breathe, and helps lock up carbon. They help stop our cities from overheating and our help keep our rivers from flooding. In 2017, the Woodland Trust planted 2.2m trees, but it needs your help to plant more.

4. And keeping wildlife safe

Thousands of wildlife species depend on trees for food and shelter, and without them, our country wouldn’t be blessed with such a diverse array of wonderful creatures. Think about the joyful sight of birds swooping from branch to branch, or catching a red deer bounding through the forest – that’s thanks to trees.

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5. And there’s more

Every new Woodland Trust member receives a smart welcome pack when they join. This includes your own leaf ID book to take into the woods with you, a membership card and a directory of more than 1,000 free-to-visit Woodland Trust woods all over the UK. You’ll also get four copies a year of its glossy exclusive members’ magazine Broadleaf and regular updates on the Woodland Trust’s continued work preserving woods, trees and wildlife.

The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales no.294344 and in Scotland no.SC038885.

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