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Inspired Villages retirement home complex

How Inspired Villages is reinventing what retirement means for you

They say that things get better with age – and when it comes to your quality of life, with Inspired Villages that couldn’t be more true

One of life’s greatest joys is having the time to do what makes you truly happy. Once you retire, you have more time than ever before to nurture your interests and hobbies. And what better way to enjoy your hard-earned freedom than by living in a community of like-minded people, where you can spend time doing the things you love, as well as learn new skills and make memories along the way?

Inspired Villages offers a life less ordinary to retirees, so residents can enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of and deserve. Far from the retirement home, an Inspired Village is all about getting the most out of life, during your precious later years. Here, you have the opportunity to become part of something truly unique – a vibrant community that everybody can enjoy together.

Interior of a kitchen and living room at an Inspired Villages retirement home

The choice is yours

From Gifford Lea in Cheshire to Millbrook, Devon, there are fantastic facilities on offer at each Inspired village. There are charming cafés and bistros, luxury wellness spas and hairdressers, beautiful landscaped gardens and even libraries, so you won’t ever find yourself at a loss for something to do. Whether you want to simply enjoy the sun in the garden, go for a walk in the grounds with your family or even learn a new skill such as landscape painting or salsa dancing, you’ll have all the resources you need to maintain your independence and enjoy life.

Swimming pool and spa

Something for everyone

What’s more, with seven villages across the UK and a choice of gorgeous homes available to rent or buy, you can easily find an option that suits you, from the city to the coast. Each house and apartment is equipped to the highest standards and some even feature Assistive Technology, for extra peace of mind.

Exterior of retirement home

Ready to start planning your retirement?

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