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Easy Garden Irrigation
Easy Garden Irrigation

The big dripper

Whether you’re home or away, keep your plants happy, healthy and hydrated with an easy-to-install drip irrigation watering system

Watering is a perennial problem for gardeners. From spending hours unwinding and untangling hosepipes to lifting back-wrenching watering cans or bribing your neighbours to water your precious petunias while you’re off on your holidays. It can all seem a bit time-consuming and relentless.

If there’s another way you’d prefer to spend your time, here’s some good news. Easy Garden Irrigation is helping out the nation’s gardeners with its innovative range of garden watering systems. The most efficient of these is its drip irrigation system, which slowly releases water right to the roots of your plants – minimising evaporation and cutting down on the amount of water used.

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Easy Garden Irrigation

What is a drip irrigation system?

This simple to install and efficient system uses a network of pipes to carry water around the garden, before releasing it at the base of your plants via a series of drip emitters or outlets. A timer then lets you automate how much water your plants get each day, whether you’re working in the garden or putting your feet up on holiday.

Because the drip emitters release water slowly, you have greater control over the amount of water that’s used – and that can mean a saving of up to 80% compared to using a hosepipe. Whether you have borders, flower beds, a vegetable patch, a greenhouse or just a few hanging baskets or pots, a drip irrigation system is the cost-effective and simple way to keep your plants in the best of health.

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Need some help?

Easy Garden Irrigation is led by passionate gardeners who really know their stuff. So if you need help or advice to set up your own watering system don’t be afraid to ask. Simply call the helpline on 01437 531 064, and an expert can talk you through the process.

Alternatively, take a look at Easy Garden Irrigation’s selection of useful guides on topics such as understanding irrigation, drip irrigation and pop up sprinkler systems. You can even download an irrigation planning starter pack which gives a simple step-by-step guide to setting up your own watering system.

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