Growing and caring for house plants

Adam Frost potting a cheeseplant on his windowsill

House plants can transform a home, pick a large palm to make a bold statement or arrange a selection of plants and create a lush green corner in your living room.

A kitchen windowsill can be transformed by sun-loving cacti, whilst a prayer plant will thrive in indirect bright light.

Whether starting your collection from scratch, or trying to keep an existing plant alive, our experts have all the advice you need – from choosing the right plant, to learning where to put it and tackling common pests and problems.

Start growing indoor plants

There’s an overwhelming number of house plants to choose from, so let us help. Browse our picks of the best house plants for a variety of spots in your home, whether that be a shady corner or a sunny spot. You might like a plant to trail over the side of a bookshelf, or one that is easy to look after. Consider where you’d like to put your plants, and then peruse our guides for inspiration and make that shopping list.

How not to kill your house plants

The most common question asked about house plants is “why is my plant dying”. There can be many reasons, and each plant will require different environments and care to thrive. It’s always worth remembering that many house plants are from tropical climates, so our aim is to recreate their natural setting to the best of our ability. A plant that would grow naturally on the forest floor will need indirect bright light, to mimic the sunlight that reaches it through the tree canopy above. Browse our grow guides for top tips on keeping your green collection alive.

Advice and problem solving

There are many reasons that your house plants could be suffering or not looking their best, and it can be a challenge to work out what’s wrong. Common problems include over- or under-watering, or pests that have made a home in your collection. Take a look at our advice for some of the most common problems with house plants, and what you can do to solve them, as well as tips for general plant care throughout the year.