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How to create a circular lawn

How to create a circular lawn

A circular lawn can make your garden look bigger. We show you how to make one.

A circular lawn is easy to create and makes a bold statement, which is ideal if you’re looking for a quick way to revamp a dull area in the garden.

The curved edge also adds movement and draws the eye to the centre of the garden, with the added benefit of making it look bigger. The effect relies on your lawn looking good, so if it’s looking a bit dull, try giving it an autumn boost, and trim the edges. Then, to really set it off, you could frame it by edging with bricks. Looking for more inspiration when it comes to lawn edging? Check out our pick of the best lawn edging.

Follow our guide to turning tatty turf into a designer lawn, below.


You Will Need

  • Cane
  • String
  • Tape measure
  • Line-marking spray paint
  • Garden spade, sharp

Total time:

Step 1

Work out where you want the centre of your circle to be and push a cane into the ground. Then, loosely tie the end of the string to the cane.

Circular lawn - measuring the circle
Circular lawn – measuring the circle

Step 2

Measure out the radius from the stick to make sure the circle will fit in the space available. Cut the string slightly longer than you need.

Circular lawn - cutting the string
Circular lawn – cutting the string

Step 3

After attaching your string to the can of paint, pull the line taut and walk round in a circle, spraying paint as you go and ensuring the string remains taut. You should be left with a visible circle.

Circular lawn - marking the circle
Circular lawn – marking the circle

Step 4

Using the guideline, take a spade and remove pieces of turf from outside the shape. Hire a turf cutter if you’re stripping grass from a large area. Stack the removed turfs out of sight to rot down – they form great compost.

Circular lawn - removing turf
Circular lawn – removing turf

Step 5

Once the shape is cut out, start to give the lawn some tender loving care. Aerate and scarify, and make sure you cut it regularly. Scruffy grass will quickly transform into an attractive lawn. Clip the edges often to keep the shape defined.

Circular lawn - finished lawn
Circular lawn – finished lawn