Succulents for shade

10 succulents for shade

Shady corner of the house? Browse our selection of cacti and succulents that tolerate shade.

You may consider yourself the perfect houseplant parent, taking care of watering, feeding, dusting the leaves and repotting when appropriate. But the reality is that houseplants rarely get the levels of light they need. Most areas of our homes have low light levels beyond the first couple of metres in front of a window. Only those of us with south-facing window sills can provide direct sunlight all day – the rest of us have to compromise with morning or afternoon sun. Then there are shady corners or north-facing rooms – what, if anything, will grow here?

Succulents and cacti are typically associated with hot, sunny conditions. Many of them, such as lithops, are native to the desert, so require as much light as you can afford, plus very strict watering regimes. Others are less fussy. Indeed, if you give these succulents too much sun they will suffer.

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