Alan Titchmarsh – My favourite trees

Want to plant a tree? Find out which ones Alan Titchmarsh recommends and why, in our exclusive video.

Looking for the perfect tree to plant in your garden? Alan Titchmarsh reveals his five favourite trees and explains why he loves them, in our video guide.


Discover which tree Alan would pick if he could only have one tree in his garden, and what he loves about it: “It’s not just because they’re posh and grand”, he says. He shares the tree that he most looks forward to seeing each spring. And rejoices in a tree that provides a riot of flowers.

He picks out a tree that is often overlooked, but that he believes should be more widely grown, and explains why it is a good tree for a small garden.

And Alan explains his most perverse choice of tree. To many people, this tree is dull in the extreme, but Alan shares how he uses it in his garden and why, for him, it is anything but dull.

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