With their large, dramatic flowers, dahlias make attractive and reliable garden plants.


White-flowered dahlias are particularly versatile. Theres's no colour they don't look good with and, if preferred, they make a lovely addition to a white-themed garden growing with other white flowers.

While the more flamboyant dahlias, like cactus and pompon types are gorgeous, don't forget to get to include some single-flowered varieties so that pollinating insects can reach the pollen and nectar.

If you're feeling inspired to grow these beautiful plants, find out how to grow dahlias, as well as how to lift and store dahlias. You might also be interested to read about caring for dahlias – golden rules, and which single-flowered dahlias to grow.

We pick some of the best white dahlias to grow, below.

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'Ruskin Bride'

Dahlia 'Ruskin Bride'
Hint-of-pink semi-cactus dahlia 'Ruskin Bride'

'Ruskin Bride' is a fabulous semi-cactus dahlia with just the faintest hint of pink on its white petals. It pairs well with pink and purple flowers.

Height x spread: 1.2m x 30cm.

'Joe Swift'

Dahlia 'Joe Swift'
Starry white blooms of single dahlia 'Joe Swift'

With starry, single blooms, 'Joe Swift' is a fabulous pollinator-friendly choice, with white flowers that contrast against bronze foliage. Similar varieties include 'Happy Single Princess' and 'Twyning's After Eight'.

H x S: 1.5m x 40cm.

'Fiona Stewart'

Dahlia 'Fiona Stewart'
Lilac-tinted ball dahlia 'Fiona Stewart'

Dahlia 'Fiona Stewart' is a ball type dahlia, with petals that start out a pale lilac colour, before turning white as they mature.

H x S: 1.2m x 40cm.

'Trelyn Kiwi'

Dahlia 'Trelyn Kiwi'
Pale-pink semi-cactus dahlia 'Trelyn Kiwi'

This cactus dahlia is a slightly shorter-growing variety with white petals that become flushed with pale pink as the mature.

H x S: 1m x 50cm.

'Kenora Challenger'

Large, pure white blooms of semi-cactus dahlia Kenora Challenger
Large, pure white blooms of semi-cactus dahlia 'Kenora Challenger'

This magnificent semi-cactus dahlia has large, pure white blooms that are sure to draw the eye. It has petals that are broader at the base, distinguishing it from cactus dahlias.

H x S: 1.2m x 30cm.


Where to buy white dahlias online

  • Crocus - Choose from a variety of shapes, and take advantage of discounted prices if you buy multiple collections of dahlia tubers.
  • Waitrose - Plenty of choice when it comes to white varieites on offer.
  • de Jager - Established bulb specialists with an impressive collection of white dahlias.

Dont forget to deadhead

Once they start flowering dahlias are capable of continuing to do so for months on end. However, you do need to deadhead them to ensure this. Follow Monty Don's tips on prolonging flowering.