Feeding plants in summer

Discover what to feed your plants in summer, in this No Fuss video guide.

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In this video No Fuss Guide, David Hurrion explains all you need to know about feeding plants in summer.

David begins by explaining that, in summer, the main object of feeding plants is to promote flowering and fruiting, as well as toughening up foliage to resist pest and diseases. He runs through high-potash (potassium) feeds including liquid tomato fertiliser, which can benefit a wide range of other plants in borders, hanging baskets and containers.

Some plants, such as hardy bananas and palms, need a high-nitrogen feed to promote strong, leafy growth. David outlines several options.

Then, he offers a solution for dealing with yellowing between leaf veins (also known as interveinal chlorosis), a symptom of magnesium deficiency.

Finally, David recommends a couple of general-purpose feeds including an easy, slow-release option that will keep working for six months.

Watch now, to find out how to give your plants a summer feed.