Five favourites – plants for shade

Flo Headlam shares her five favourite plants for shade

Flo Headlam

There’s something very reassuring about shady parts of the garden, these spaces are cool, restful, and allow you to slow down. Shady areas need not be problematic, there are plenty of gorgeous plants that thrive in shade.

Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica

I’m a big fan of bold foliage and fatsias are not shy. Fatsia japonica is an evergreen, architectural plant with large hand-shaped leaves, happiest in part or full shade. Fatsias can easily reach up to four metres in height and spread, and require light maintenance. They only require pruning to remove dead leaves, and heavy fruit clusters, or to reduce the size. I like to lift the canopy on a well-established fatsia to reveal its ‘sexy legs’!

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