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Five top tips – house plants

Writer and gardener Alice Vincent shares her five top tips for growing house plants

Portrait of Alice Vincent (Photographer - Giles Smith)
Alice Vincent (Photographer – Giles Smith)

Hands up if you’ve got a crispy-leaved, fungus-gnat-riddled, dry, rotting, or generally miserable houseplant in the vicinity? Don’t fret – chances are, if you’ve several tropical plants hanging out in a centrally heated home, at least one of them might be under the weather. House plant care can be simple, straightforward and not too demanding of your time once you crack the basics. Here are some of my favourite tips.

Put them in the right place

A maidenhair fern in a bathroom
A maidenhair fern in a bathroom

This is the number one mistake made by new plant owners: bringing home a beautiful plant, and then shoving it in a dark, draughty or overly bright spot. If you put your plant in the right place, you’ll be making it a lot easier to look after in the long run. I keep most of my plants in the south-facing bay window in my lounge where they get plenty of sunlight. The shade-lovers, meanwhile, hang out in a north-facing window, where the light is less intense.

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