Marble Queen pothos

House plant styling ideas – pothos

Find out how to display this low-maintenance house plant in your home, with our pick of the best Instagram inspiration.

Pothos are a very popular house plant choice, in part due to their attractive foliage but also because they are very hard to kill. They require low levels of light and are also remarkably tolerant of erratic watering. But it’s not just the fact that pothos are low-maintenance that make them so popular, they are also versatile. You can house them in a small container, train to grow around a doorway or hang from a suspended pot. Shape the plant as desired by snipping or pinching the stems, and if left to grow it will create a calming screen of foliage.

Pothos can be grown in a well-draining house plant mix, it will require a good soak when you water it but allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. A shower every now and then will remove any dust build-up on the leaves. It is easy to create more plants by taking cuttings.

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