How To Make a Pine Cone Star

How to make a pine cone star

Create a Christmassy pine cone star using materials from the garden.

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This pine cone star is quick to make and will serve as a lovely adornment to the home at Christmas.

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Follow these quick steps to make your own Christmas pine cone star.

You will need

  • Five large pine cones
  • Cardboard from a cereal packet
  • Sprig of holly with berries attached
  • Five sprigs of fir
  • 2m of red or green raffia
  • Glue

Total time:

Step 1

Glue the base of five pine cones together to form a star shape. Cut two circles of card and glue in the centre of the star on each side.


Step 2

Wrap raffia around the star, between the cones. Leave the long lengths to make a loop, then tie at the top in a bow.


Step 3

Glue the sprigs of fir onto the pine cones. Then glue the holly sprig onto the cardboard in the centre.



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