What garden wildlife is doing now

Find out what the wildlife in your garden is up to in August

August sees insect activity in the garden tail off, as some species of bumblebee enter hibernation and solitary bees, such as leafcutters, come to the end of their lifecycle. Butterflies, however, such as peacock, small tortoiseshell and red admiral, are having their moment this month, feeding on flowers such as buddleia and Verbena bonariensis. Some may even be laying eggs on nettles for a late third brood.

How to help wildlife in your garden

Goldfinches are looking for seeds

Goldfinch on a bird feeder. Getty Images
A goldfinch on a bird feeder. Getty Images

Most chicks have fledged their nests now, with young blackbirds, robins, wrens and tits all making their own way in the world. Starlings and house sparrows may have produced a third brood and will be introducing them to your feeders and garden around now. Goldfinches breed later than other garden birds and may also be bringing newly fledged chicks to your garden. Fill feeders with high quality seed mixes so they have plenty of nutritious food to eat, along with mealworms, but use a tray to catch spilled mealworms as they can harm hedgehogs. Goldfinches will benefit particularly from wild plants left to seed, including greater knapweed and grass seed in meadow areas.

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