Deter Slugs With Copper Tape

How to deter slugs with copper tape

Discover how to protect your pot and container plants from slugs and snails with copper tape, in this simple guide.

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Slug damage can ruin the appearance of lush, foliage plants, flowers and vegetables. Among others, hostas, dahlias and peas are regularly eaten, which can make them difficult to grow in areas where slugs are common.

While you could choose to grow a range of slug-proof plants, like rodgersia and brunnera, slugs may also be repelled from your container-grown plants if you fix copper tape to your pots. Copper tape is thin, easy to cut and simple to apply. Plus, it will gradually turn green over time, giving it an attractive aged look.

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Follow our step-by-step guide, below, to protecting your plants from slug damage with copper tape.

Copper tape is thin, easy to cut and simple to apply.

You will need

  • A roll of copper adhesive tape
  • Craft pinking shears

Step 1

Cut a piece of tape that’s long enough to fit around your pot then, using the pinking shears, cut a decorative edging along one side.


Step 2

Carefully stick the tape just below the rim of the pot. Remove a little bit of the backing at a time, smoothing out any creases as you go.


For plants growing in the ground you can buy copper rings that can be placed around the crowns of your plants in spring, protecting the emerging foliage within.