Types of compost bin

Choose the best type of compost bin for your garden, with the help of our video.

Gardens can generate a huge amount of green waste through the year. In this video guide, David Hurrion makes the case for recycling it into crumbly, moisture-retentive compost for reuse in your beds and borders.

In order to make compost it’s important to choose the right bin, in the right size. David runs the through the various options, explaining the benefits of each and how they affect the composting process.

First, he looks at plastic bins available from local councils. Next up is a wooden bin with a sloping lid and vented sides. David then looks at two home-made options: a simple structure made from wire and wooden posts and a more robust compost bin made from wooden pallets.

Finally, David considers the merits of wormery composters, demonstrating how they fit together and explaining the process of composting and the benefits of the resulting product.

Watch now for help in choosing the best composter for your garden.

Should I line my compost bin?


Openings in compost bins are important to let air get in, but if the contents get too dry this can slow down the composting process. Instead of lining your bin, collect rainwater and add it regularly. You could also increase the proportion of green material that you add and avoid adding too much dry, brown material.