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Join us in our pledges to Put Pollinators First, take our survey and find out more about pollinating insects.

This month, we’re excited to launch our Put Pollinators First campaign, part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. Every month through spring and summer we’ll be encouraging you to look after our declining pollinators, offering practical advice on doing your bit.


We’ll be getting involved at the magazine, too – our team members have made individual pledges, as have our expert panellists. Find out about the pledges we’ve made this month, below, then make your own pledges by following the link provided.

Join us in our pledges


Sow Pollinator Mix meadow seeds

“I’ll be sowing the free Pollinator Mix seeds that subscribers were given this month. They’ll look great and are so easy – sow in gaps in borders or near your veg to boost crop pollination.”

Emma Crawforth, Gardening Editor, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine


Create habitats for butterflies, moths and caterpillars

“I’ll add more caterpillar food plants. Why not do the same? Holly and ivy are great choices, and do leave a few nettles to thrive. Butterflies and moths lay eggs on these plants, as their caterpillars need to feed on them.”

Kate Bradbury, Wildlife Editor, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine


Make a cornfield nectar bar

“I’ll be sowing a nectar bar for bees, butterflies and hoverflies. I hope you can too – choose a sunny spot and scatter seeds of poppies, cornflowers, corn chamomile and corn marigolds.”

Dr Trevor Dines, Botanist, Plantlife

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More on pollinators

To find out more about what you’re already doing, we’ve put together a short survey. We’d love you to take part – complete our survey here.


Find out more about pollinators in our collection of practical projects and inspirational features.