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Six Months of Seeds – your sowing success

Published: Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 at 10:33 am

Take a look at Gardeners' World readers’ beautiful blooms grown from their free seeds.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Gardeners' World Magazine this year, our subscribers received 12 packs of free seeds from January to June. Many of you have been sharing your growing results online and we've loved seeing them.


Here are some of our favourite photos that have been shared online. If you’ve been growing your subscriber seeds, it’s not too late to post your own blooms. Use the hashtag #mygardenersworld and tag us on social media.

Want growing advice for each of the 12 varieties of free seeds? Find out more about our Six Months of Seeds campaign.

Jane shared her abundance of dahlia flowers from her free seeds in February. “Still fills me with awe that this beautiful dahlia came from a seed less than the size of a pinhead. And a free seed at that, came with my @gardenersworldmag” – Jane, @1.happygardener

The Six Months of Seeds campaign included a mixture of flowers, veg and herbs for our subscribers. Sophie has been busy sowing beautiful dahlias and cosmos, as well as homegrown chilli and basil.

These echinacea blooms look glorious basking in the sun and seem to have quite the view! Thanks to cuthbertsbrae_garden for sharing.

In our March issue, subscribers received a 'Sunburst mix' of sunflower seeds to grow. They're popular with pollinators, and make quite the statement. “Finally my sunflowers have bloomed and the bees are loving it. Not bad for a free packet from @gardenersworldmag earlier in the year.” – @eandgatno40

Karlie and Tom had a pleasant surprise from their free sunflower seeds, which have grown to be almost 7ft, despite them expecting some smaller plants. And stowgarden's 10ft sunflower was reaching for the skies.

There was no stopping Chris' spectacular sunflower collection this summer. "The sunflowers from the Gardeners' World magazine have been amazing this year, about 40 vivid sunflowers and still going." – Chris Walker

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These Cosmos ‘Purity’ flowers, with their delicate white petals, are perfect for a quiet corner in Mary’s garden. It looks like an ideal spot to relax with a book.

Audrey managed to grow a really special flower made up of two colours. “One of the blooms from my free Gardeners' World seeds couldn’t make up its mind what colour to be. Personally I think it’s gorgeous.” – Audrey, @audreyibarnett

These dahlia and cosmos displays from wannabegardenista and garden_on_the_slope look stunning.

It was Linda and Jennifer's first time growing dahlias from seed, but both had amazing results. “So happy with these and the bees love them!” – Linda, @linda_gls1


Not all flowers need enjoying in the garden, some can be snipped off for an indoor display.


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