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Five autumn perennials for September

Autumn colour is guaranteed as we pick some of our favourite perennials blooming in September.

With summer slowly turning to autumn, there are still plenty of plants that produce beautiful flowers in September.


Many will flower right up until the first frosts, if you keep deadheading blooms that are past their best. Discover the benefits of deadheading in our practical feature and follow our practical advice on deadheading flowers.

For more autumn colour and scent, take a look at our pick of richly fragranced plants for September.

Discover autumn perennials for September to grow, below.

Vibrant nerines are near unbeatable for the colour they provide in autumn.



Vibrant rudbeckias such as ‘Goldsturm’ (pictured) and ‘Aries’ are perfect for dotting in borders to add jets of colour. They’ll grow in a wide range of soil types and enjoy a spot in full sun or dappled shade. Take a look at 10 more perennials for a hot border.



Vibrant nerines are near unbeatable for the colour they provide in autumn. Give them a sheltered, sunny spot and grow in well-drained soil. For more autumn colour, take a look at our pick of autumn-flowering bulbs for September.



Prairie-esque echinaceas are well-worth considering if you’re gardening on particularly light, sandy soils. If you’ve a penchant for daisies, take a look at our pick of essential border daisies.



With their charming, shaggy flowers, monardas can’t be missed. They’re easy to grow, too, so you’re ensured a sizeable clump with little effort. ‘Cambridge Scarlet’ is one of the most popular cultivars, but you could also try ‘Schneewittchen’ and ‘Beauty of Cobham’.



Monkshood bears deep purple-blue blooms on attractive, stately stems. It’s poisonous, so wear gloves if handling plant material.

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