Choose the right mower – cutting types

With so many mowers to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right model. The first factor to consider is the power source – do you want a corded electric or petrol model, a battery type or a push mower? Once you’ve decided on that, you can then decide on the mower cutting type – rotary, cylinder or hover.


Read on to find out about the different mower cutting types.

Rotary mower

Rotary mowers have a high-speed, spinning blade. They’re the best choice for rougher grass or uneven surfaces. Rotary blades don’t leave a refined finish – for a finer cut, choose a cylinder mower.


Hover mower

A hover mower has a rotary cutting action, but lifts off the ground when it’s in action, similar to a hovercraft – hence the name. They’re great value for money and perfect if you’ve got a smaller lawn that’s quite flat.


Cylinder mower

Cylinder mowers cut the grass with a scissor-action and create a very fine, striped finish. They’re slightly more expensive, but an ideal choice if you like your grass smart and short.