With so many mowers to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice for you and your garden. The first factor to consider is the power source - do you want a corded electric or petrol model, a battery type or a push mower? Once you've decided on the power source, you can then decide on the mower cutting type - rotary, cylinder or hover.


Read on to find out how to choose the right power source and buy the best lawn mower for your garden.

Corded electric mower

Wheeled or hovering, electric mowers are good for small gardens. The power increases with the mower width, from 1,000w for a 25cm cutting deck to 1,800w for nearly double that. They can't cope with very long grass, and the cable makes mowing fiddly.

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Carrying a corded electric mower

Petrol mower

Petrol mowers are good for large lawns. They can be a rotary or more expensive cylinder design. A larger engine means more power, so the mower propels itself - useful, as they are heavy. They need servicing annually. You may not like the petrol smell.

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Mowing a lawn with a petrol mower

Battery mowers

Battery mowers use rechargeable batteries. The battery life determines the size of lawn you can cut before recharging. They're slightly heavier than corded electric models. They're a good choice for taking to the allotment or where there is no power source.

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Mowing a lawn with a battery mower

Push mower

Push mowers work best on grass that’s mown regularly, as the cylinder blades tend to chew the sward if it’s too long. It takes some effort to push them along. Although stripes are harder to achieve, the finish is excellent. Cheap, small and light, they're easy to store.


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Mowing a lawn with a push-mower