Some veg crops can take months of cossetting before you can enjoy your harvests, but others are ready in a matter of weeks - ideal if you're the impatient type or are growing with kids.


Discover easy-care crops to grow.

Some speedy crops, such as radish, are also ideal for growing as 'catch crops' - quick growing crops that can be grown in between slower-growing veg before they get too large, or on temporarily bare patches of soil.

Here are some speedy veggies to try.


A row of radishes ready to harvest

Radishes are one of the easiest crops you can grow and take up very little space. They're ideal for growing with kids and come in a range of shapes and colours. Discover the best radish varieties to grow.
Time to harvest: four weeks

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Rocket ready to harvest

Another easy crop, peppery rocket can be grown in the ground or in pots. Sow in batches from March to September for crops from April to October. Find out how to grow rocket from seed.
Time to harvest: four weeks


Beetroot grows in most soil types and comes in a variety of colours
A selection of beetroot varieties in a basket

Beetroot comes in a range of shapes and sizes, and you can harvest the baby beets when they are golf ball size. You can also eat the peppery leaves. Sow from mid-April to late June. Read our beetroot Grow Guide.
Time to harvest: from 12 weeks

Salad leaves

Harvesting salad leaves

Freshly harvested salad leaves are a world away from the bagged leaves you can buy in the supermarket - and you can 'cut and come again' - harvest the leaves you need, then allow them to regrow. Read our salad leaves Grow Guide.
Time to harvest: four weeks


A bunch of turnips freshly pulled up
A bunch of turnips freshly pulled up

Turnips are vastly underrated vegetables but they're delicious to eat and easy to grow. Try harvesting the baby roots when they are golf ball sized. Discover how to grow turnips from seed.
Time to harvest: six weeks


Harvesting spinach

Spinach isn't only good for you - it's versatile in the kitchen and easy to grow. Sow in batches from early spring to early autumn to enjoy crops for many months. Discover how to grow spinach.
Time to harvest: six weeks

Dwarf beans

Different coloured varieties of dwarf beans

Dwarf beans are compact plants that are easy to grow from seed, in the ground or in pots, and are quick to crop. Sow in batches from April to July for harvest from July to October. Discover how to grow dwarf beans in pots.
Time to harvest: nine weeks


Harvesting pea shoots

Microgreens are mini versions of regular leafy crops, such as pea shoots, rocket, radish and coriander and offer a burst of flavour and nutrients. They can be grown on a windowsill and are ready to harvest in a matter of days. Alternatively, eat the thinnings from herbs or salads that you've sown in the ground, such as purslane, as microgreens. Discover how to grow microgreens.
Time to harvest: from 7 days