As well as autumn foliage, there are beautiful flowering plants to admire in November, too.


The key to lengthening the flowering period for many plants is deadheading – take a look at our deadheading tips to get you started.

Discover five of the best autumn perennials for November, below.

Lily turf

Throughout the year, this robust perennial has attractive mounds of grassy foliage. From late-summer, poker-shaped flower spikes appear, bearing pretty, purple blooms. Lily turf is also a great plant for dry shade.

Lily turf in flower
Lily turf purple flower spikes


Hesperanthas are pretty, bulbous perennials native to South Africa. They enjoy a moist soil and tend to perform better after a rainy summer.

Soft-pink hesperantha blooms


Also known as Peruvian lily, alstroemerias will bloom from summer up to the first frosts. Keep deadheading them to help prolong flowering by pulling off flowers that have gone over.

Yellow pink alstroemeria
Brown-speckled golden and coral pink/crimson alstroemerias


Chrysanthemums, also known as 'mums', are admired for their cheery blooms. Typically, they flower from late-summer to November, but you can also grow them from plugs in September, in a cool greenhouse. This should provide blooms that last from November to Christmas.

Chrysanthemum Misty Golden
Large, full blooms of chrysanthemum 'Misty Golden'

Saxifraga fortunei

This starry perennial is perfect for brightening up dark days. Cultivars include 'Silver Velvet', 'Black Ruby' and 'Two Kings'. Grow in moist, well-drained soil in partial or full shade.

Saxifraga fortunei
Starry, white saxifrage flowers

Evergreens for late-autumn interest