Allium schubertii

Five best June-flowering bulbs

Take a look at five June-flowering bulbs, perfect for summer scent, drama and colour.

June signals the transition from spring-flowering bulbs to summer-flowering bulbs, such as alliums, lilies and cannas.


Many of these summer-stars are particularly suited to Beth Chatto-style gravel gardens. Combine them with other sun-loving blooms like verbena, verbascum and sisyrinchium, plus a generous helping of grasses like anemanthele.

Discover five stunning June-flowering bulbs to grow, below.

Allium 'Globemaster' gets its name from the behemoth purple flowers that appear from June to July.


Oriental lilies

Not only beautiful, oriental lilies are deliciously scented, too. They prefer acidic or ericaceous soils, so these June-flowering bulbs are best planted in containers if yours is alkaline. Here’s how to test your soil pH.



Foxtail lilies

With blooms reminiscent of whizzing fireworks, foxtail lilies are sure to stun. Full sun is best, and they’re particularly suited to gravel gardens. Cultivars are available in white hot shades to oranges like burning embers.



Allium ‘Globemaster’

Allium ‘Globemaster’ gets its name from the behemoth purple flowers that appear from June to July. Plant in full sun in a well-draining soil. Perfect for creating an eye-catching summer vase display.



Small-flowered gladiolus

Small-flowered gladiolus, such as Gladiolus nanus, can be encouraged to flower in June. Plant them in free-draining soil and expect them to reach about 50-60cm in height.



Allium schubertii

These ornamental onions, Allium schubertii, are sure to dazzle. Grow them in a sunny spot and protect over winter with a generous layer of mulch. Don’t forget to take a few flowers for a dramatic vase display.


Ample drainage

As a general rule, bulbs enjoy plenty of drainage, so if your soil is heavy it’s well worth incorporating plenty of grit or sand when planting.