Flowers to pick in March

Find out which flowers you can pick in the garden in March, and get tips on how to display them.


With a little careful planning, you can produce a huge and varied range of blooms to enjoy all year round – and there lots of delightful flowers that you can pick in March.


Find out how to grow cut flowers for every season.

These include bulbs such as narcissus (daffodil) but also shrubs such as camellias and border favourites such as bergenias.

Here’s a selection of flowers that you can pick in March.

Bulbs make excellent and long-lasting flowers, and narcissi are cheap and easy to grow.


Bergenias are great plants for the front of a shady border; their evergreen leaves give interest all year round, some tinged red in winter. Their magenta flowers appear in early spring; pick a few stems for a vase.



Fellow shade-lovers, camellias have stunning blooms in spring, which range in colour from white to dark red. As they have short, woody stems, display the blooms singly in tiny vases, or in a shallow vase that has a grid to support the flower heads.



The star-shaped flowers of daphne not only look good – they smell good, too. Even a few sprigs will pack quite a punch in the house.



Hellebores are must in the late winter/spring garden, but sometimes the nodding flowers make their beauty hard to appreciate. Bringing them into the house makes it easier to appreciate their delicate markings. Find out about the four types of hellebore.



Bulbs make excellent and long-lasting flowers, and narcissi are cheap and easy to grow. Raid your borders for flowers for cutting, or plant a couple of square feets’ worth in a dedicated cutting area in autumn.



Our native primrose, Primula vulgaris, is a welcome sign of spring in hedgerows and in our gardens. Pick a few blooms and display in a tiny vase, to enjoy the delicate, scented flowers up close.


Lonicera x purpusii

Just a couple of sprigs from this beautiful spring shrub will fill a room with its fresh lemony scent. Display in a small vase.


Appreciate hellebore flowers

To truly appreciate the beautiful markings on hellebore flowers, try floating them in a bowl of water for a pretty effect.