Tulipa 'Estella Rijnveld'

Parrot and fringed tulips to grow

Looking for unusual tulips to grow? Look no further than these frilled and parrot varieties.

Spring wouldn’t be spring without tulips. Easy to grow, they are great for filling gaps in borders and also look fabulous in pots.


Discover five stunning tulip combinations.

Parrot tulips are the most flamboyant of them all. Their large flowers have wavy, twisted or deeply frilled petals, and they are often brightly coloured or two-toned. They tend to flower in mid to late spring on tall stems. They don’t stand up too well to wind and rain, so plant them in a sheltered spot.

Fringed tulips are a relatively new introduction. They have elegant, cup shaped flowers, with ragged edges that look as if they have been edged with pinking shears. They are relatively compact and flower in late spring.

Thanks to their vivid colours and eye-catching petal shapes, parrot and fringed tulips make great cut flowers.

Here are some good parrot and fringed varieties to grow.

Thanks to their vivid colours and eye-catching petal shapes, parrot and fringed tulips make great cut flowers.

Tulip ‘Flaming Parrot’

Tulips don’t come much more flamboyant than ‘Flaming Parrot’ – the twisting, feathery canary-yellow petals are dramatically streaked with red. It’s an eye-catching addition to a border or a pot, and makes a good cut flower.
Flowers: Late April to May


Tulip ‘Estella Rijnveld’

‘Estella Rijnveld’ is a beautiful variety that has bi-coloured, red and white petals and grey-green leaves. It makes a beautiful cut flower. It’s a tall-stemmed variety, so plant in a sheltered spot. Flowers: Late April to May


Tulip ‘Black Parrot’

‘Black Parrot’ is one of the darkest tulips you can grow – the flowers are blackish-purple. It looks spectacular when planted with white-flowered tulips and makes a striking cut flower – you can appreciate irregular, wavy petals more easily in a vase. It should come back year after year.
Flowers: Late April to May


Tulip ‘Glasnost’

‘Glasnost’ has bold red flowers that are edged with yellow. The fringed petals gives the flowerheads a ruffled effect.
Flowers: Late April to May


Tulip ‘Fancy Frills’

The petals of ‘Fancy Frills’ start off pure white, before the upper part of the petals turn pink, with white fringed edges. A stunning variety that looks great in borders and pots – and in a vase.
Flowers: Late April to May


Tulip ‘Oviedo’

‘Oviedo’ is an ornate tulip that has lilac-pink and white fringed flowers topped with a white crystalline edge.
Flowers: May


Replant every year

Some tulips flower reliably year after year, but for the best display, plant fresh bulbs every autumn.