Nothing beats tulips for a splash of spring colour. They're vibrant, flamboyant and guaranteed to put on a high-impact display.


How to layer spring bulbs in a pot

A day or two spent planting tulip bulbs in autumn will give you weeks of colour - but which to choose? There are hundreds of colours and varieties to choose from, and half the fun of planting tulips is coming up with different combinations.

It can be tricky to get these right, though - not least because tulips can flower at different times in spring. Some flower in early spring, others in late spring.

So we've done the hard work for you – here are five stunning tulip combinations to plant in your containers and borders.

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Pink, purple and orange

This pretty combination flowers from late April to early May. We used:

Pink: 'Don Quichotte' (late April-May)
Purple: 'Cafe Noir' (late April-May)
Orange: 'Cairo' (April)


Other tulips to try

Orange: 'Orange Princess' (April), 'Ego Parrot' (May)
Pink: 'Marathon Champion' (April), 'China Pink' (May)
Purple: 'Havran' (April), 'Indian Velvet' (mid May)

Pink and purple

This purple and pink combination will give flowers from late April-May.

Dark pink: 'Jacqueline'
Pale pink: 'Angelique'


Other tulips to try

Purple: 'Purple Flag' (April), 'Queen of the Night' (May), 'Burgundy' (May)
Dark pink: 'Blue Ribbon' (April), 'Pittsburg; (Apr-May), 'Barcelona' (May)
Light pink: 'New Design (April), 'China Town' (May)

All white

This striking all-white combination will give a stunning display with contrasting flower shapes in May.

Parrot: 'White Parrot' (May)
Triumph: 'White Triumphator' (May)
Single late: 'Maureen' (May)


Other tulips to try

'White Dream' (April-May)
'Sapporo' (May)

Red, white and yellow

This selection uses tulips that flower in late April to early May.

Yellow: 'West Point'
White and red: 'Burning Heart'


Other tulips to try

Yellow: 'Golden Apeldoorn' (April), 'Monte Carlo' (April), 'Sapporo' (May), 'Yellow Springreen' (May)
Red/white: 'Happy Generation' (April), 'Carnaval de Nice' (May), 'Estella Rijnveld' (May)

Shades of orange

This duo with contrasting flower shapes blooms in late March to April.

Dark orange: 'Orange Emperor' (March-April)
Light orange: 'Bestseller' (April)


Other tulips to try

Dark orange: 'Prinses Irene' (April), 'Ballerina' (April-May), 'Vivienne Westwood' (April-May)
Light orange: 'Apricot Beauty' (April), 'Apricot Foxx' (April-May), 'Stunning Apricot' (mid May)