White alliums growing with cytisus and delphiniums

10 plants for a white border

White flowers bring a sense of calm to the garden. Browse our suggestions for plants for a white border.

A white border brings a sense of peace and fresh coolness to the garden. With flowers all the same colour there’s no risk of clashing, so you can concentrate on the shape, height and texture of plants rather than colour combinations. What’s more, the colour white brings out the green of the foliage, and you can play with other, softer foliage colours such as silvery grey.

If planning a white border then it’s a good idea to keep it small. Treat it as a calm space where you can retreat from from the rest of the garden. Many white plants are night-scented so it’s a good idea to create your white border around a seating area or patio, where you can enjoy the evening fragrance.

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