Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even a party, there are lots of celebrations that call for flowers.


Roses are always popular and there are hundreds of varieties to choose from, in a range of colours, many with beautiful scents.

A rose bouquet will look delightful for a week or so, but if you give a bare-root or container grown rose as a present, it can be planted in the garden and enjoyed for years to come.

Discover some of our favourite roses for special occasions, below.

'Wedding Day'

Rosa 'Wedding Day'
Rose 'Wedding Day' flowers

'Wedding Day' is a vigorous rambling rose, with single white blooms that turn pale yellow as they mature. Looks lovely trained up and through a tree. If you're after white roses for bouquets or posies, consider 'William and Catherine', 'York Minster' or 'Iceberg'.

'All My Loving'

Rosa 'All My Loving'
Rose 'All My Loving' flower

This hybrid tea rose has deep pink blooms set against strong, bushy growth. It's disease resistant, so is a good choice for giving as a plantable gift. Similar alternatives to 'All My Loving' include 'Sophy', which has larger flowers, and 'Boscobel', which has a lovely myrrh fragrance.

'Golden Celebration'

Rosa 'Golden Celebration'
Rose 'Golden Celebration' flower

As the name suggests, 'Golden Celebration' has stunning golden yellow flowers with a sweet scent. Can be planted in the ground or grown in pots and containers. Deadhead to ensure it repeat flowers.

'Red Letter Day'

Rosa 'Red Letter Day'
Rose 'Red Letter Day' flower

If you were unsure, a red letter day is one that is considered pleasantly memorable or noteworthy, so this rose is ideal for a number of special occasions. 'Red Letter Day' is a shrub rose with clear red, cupped blooms.

'Celebration Time'

Rosa 'Celebration Time'
Rose 'Celebration Time' flowers

Rosa 'Celebration Time' is a compact floribunda rose, meaning it produces clusters of around 10-15 blooms all over the plant. This variety has smoky pink flowers – a lovely variety for giving as a gift and displaying in a vase. Discover more floribunda roses to grow.

'Sweet Remembrance'

Rose 'Sweet Remembrance'
Rose 'Sweet Remembrance' flower

Not every occasion is a happy one, which is where an uplifting rose like 'Sweet Remembrance' comes in. This hybrid tea rose has large, warm-yellow flowers with a light aroma. Can be planted in the ground or grown in a container.

'Special Anniversary'

Rosa 'Special Anniversary'
Rose 'Special Anniversary' flowers

'Special Anniversary' is a sumptuous hybrid tea rose, with warm pink, richly scented flowers set against deep green foliage. This compact variety will keep flowering over a long period if deadheaded regularly.

What to plant with roses

Rosa 'Ballerina' in the border
Rose 'Ballerina' in the border