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Growing Greener: Water-wise gardening

Published: Thursday, 17 March, 2022 at 9:00 am

Could you garden without an outdoor tap – and keep your plants healthy and thriving? Janet Manning speaks to Arit Anderson about how we can all conserve water in the garden

In the UK one of the topics we talk about the most is the weather – and we feel like we get our fair share of rain. But our rainfall patterns are changing, bringing either a heavy deluge that we can’t cope with, or a struggle with drought.


What we do expect is water to pour from our outdoor taps whenever we need it.

With global water shortages and demands, is it time to rethink our reliance on this increasingly precious resource? Our guest in this episode thinks so – Janet Manning is a water expert, scientist and experienced gardener who has answers that could challenge us all.

Listen now to this fascinating discussion between Arit Anderson and Janet Manning:

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