Spending time gardening or enjoying others’ gardens opens our eyes to the environment around us and the realities of climate change. But can individuals make a difference by gardening more sustainably, when the solutions seem so huge?


In this new podcast series, we’ll be talking to the experts in planet-friendly gardening, to share practical solutions that anyone can try and reveal how to make a genuine impact when we all act together.

From growing food and pollution-busting plants at our back door, or finding alternatives to tap water, peat and plastics, tune into the podcast series to hear us reveal how even small steps can bring big results. None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something.

Host Arit Anderson, garden designer and BBC Gardeners’ World programme presenter, has been investigating new ways to garden for the future and will ask our guests the big questions.

Listen to the series trailer:

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Episode 8 - Gardening for health

Arit explores ways to garden that will help restore our natural balance – with leading psychologist Dr Sue Stuart-Smith, who is not only a leading qualified psychiatrist but also a very good gardener. She shares her fascinating insight into how therapeutic horticulture has helped war veterans, prisoners, patients and herself – and how a dose of nature is good medicine for all of us. Find out more.

Listen now to episode eight:

Episode 7 - Trees for gardens

Trees are the life givers on planet earth, providing the oxygen we breathe, habitats to thousands of species, while creating beauty in our landscapes. Yet these giants of nature are at risk. Arit talks to world-renowned tree expert Tony Kirkham, who explains why we cannot – and must not – live without them. Find out more.

Listen now to episode seven:

Episode 6 - Growing in the city

We investigate how plants can give city-dwellers vital protection against future climate change including extreme weather conditions and declining air quality, with our guest, scientist Dr Tijana Blanusa. Find out more.

Listen now to episode six:

Episode 5 - Sustainable garden design

No space is too small to benefit from a greener approach – award-winning garden designer and landscape architect Marian Boswall shares how to do it. She reveals, surprisingly perhaps, that it starts with kindness to ourselves and by listening. By putting this ethos at the heart of design, materials and plant choices, Marian shares with Arit why this new approach to making gardens is changing lives for the better. Find out more.

Listen now to episode five:

Episode 4 - Water-wise gardening

Could you garden without an outdoor tap – and keep your plants healthy and thriving? That’s the challenge set by today’s podcast guest – as she shares how we need to all learn to live without water always on demand. Find out more.

Listen now to episode four:

Episode 3 - Harnessing the power of plants

Diversity is the goal for the healthiest gardens of the future, believes Professor Nigel Dunnett. He shares with Arit Anderson how we can all harness the power of plants. Find out more.

Listen now to episode three:

Episode 2 - Creating soil for life

A healthy garden starts with healthy soil, so Arit explores how we must mimic nature to create the best conditions, with Professor Duncan Cameron – a world expert in plant and soil biology, who lifts the lid on the mysterious world under our feet. Find out more.

Listen now to episode two:

Episode 1 - Growing healthier food

From cutting air miles to boosting biodiversity and soil health, nurturing our own fruit and veg garden gives us so much more than just a harvest.

Arit discusses the future of our food – and how gardeners can be at the heart of the solutions around air miles and carbon footprint – with guest, Professor Tim Lang, Garden Organic President, gardener, one-time hill farmer and a passionate champion of growing our own food. Find out more.

Listen now to episode one:


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