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Our expert's answers to your August questions:

  • What is the best way to revive badly dehydrated potted hydrangeas?
  • I often read about adding ‘loam’ to compost, but what is ‘loam’?
  • My roses are covered in black spot. I don't want to spray them. Are there any other methods to control it?
  • Why have my runner beans failed?
  • Lots of my brassicas have grown with no centre – cauliflowers with no curds, cabbages with no heart, calabrese with no heads. What is the cause?

Our expert's answers to your July questions:

Watch the answers to the July questions, which were:

  • How often should I water my dahlias and sweet peas?
  • Lots of my plants have powdery mildew. What should I do about it?
  • My pinks have grown very leggy. When is a good time to take cuttings?
  • Why are my vegetable plants all leaves and no fruit?
  • My summer-fruiting raspberries have several very long, non-fruiting stems. Are they for next year’s harvest or do they need cutting back?