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10 of the best garden kneelers - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

10 of the best garden kneelers

Our round up of the most comfortable, practical and stylish kneeling pads.

Spring and summer are exciting times of the year for gardeners and there’s nothing better than being out in the fresh air and getting stuck in. But, bending over flowerbeds or sowing in the vegetable patch can quickly get tiring for your knees.


Luckily, there are plenty of handy garden kneelers to give you support and keep you working comfortably for longer. They also make great gardening gift ideas.

Below, we’ve included a range of options from water-resistant matting to fold-out stools including tool storage. We have even found one sized especially for children, so everyone can get involved. Plus, if you’re looking for more ways to involve young gardeners, we have put together a list of some of the best kids’ gardening tools.

10 of the best garden kneelers

From wearable memory foam knee-pads to children’s ladybird kneeling mats, browse our selection of the best garden kneelers, below.


Garden Kneeler and Folding Seat Stool with Tool Bag

Garden Kneeler Folding Seat
Garden Kneeler Folding Seat

Great for working at different levels, this flips from a kneeler into a seat with ease so you can  comfortably sit or kneel depending on your gardening task. It folds down flat for carrying and storage and has a bag attached to the frame so you’ll always have the tools you need close at hand.

Price: £24.99

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Bosmere Garden Kneeling Mat

Bosmere Gardening Kneeling Mat
Bosmere Gardening Kneeling Mat

This simple mat is a colourful and great value way to garden in comfort. Made from expanded polyethylene, the mat helps to cushion your knees and is light and easy to carry around the garden.

Price: £3.89

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Spear and Jackson Kew 5 Layer Garden Kneeler

Spear & Jackson Kew 5 Layer kneeling mat
Spear & Jackson Kew 5 Layer Garden Kneeler

Spear and Jackson’s hefty, five layers of padding moulds to your knees for improved support. Lined with neoprene, it is also water resistant and quick drying after cleaning, while the handle makes it simple to carry.

Price: £18

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Auto Kneeler Pad

Auto Kneeler Kneeling Pad
Auto Kneeler Kneeling Pad

Designed for  mechanical work and other heavy duty tasks, the Auto kneeler should be easily up to the jobs in your garden. Two impressions in the circular kneeler support your knees and its simple, round shape take ups minimum space, so it shouldn’t get in the way while you work.

Price: £14.99

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V&A Morris Garden Kneeler

V&A Morris Kneeling Pad
V&A Morris Kneeling Pad

For fans of the art world, the V&A museum’s floral kneeler adds a touch of William Morris style to weeding and planting jobs. With an original wallpaper print design the kneeler has plenty of padding for knee support and a handy handle to carry it with.

Price: £32

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Coleli Memory Foam Kneeling Pad

Coleli Memory Foam Kneeling Pad
Coleli Memory Foam Kneeling Pad

This comfortable, memory foam kneeling pad folds in half and zips up into a handy case making it easy to carry around and store after use. Made from waterproof diving fabric, it should withstand wear in the garden and provide a thick, year-round cushion for your knees while working.

Price: £26.79

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RHS Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Kneeler

RHS Burgon and Ball Flora and Flauna Kneeling Pad
RHS Burgon & Ball Flora & Flauna Kneeler

With a garden-inspired, bird print design from the Royal Horticultural Society this stylish, oval kneeling pad is made from memory foam for added comfort. It’s waterproof, with a quick-dry nylon coating so if wet soil gets it damp, it’ll be ready to use again in no time.

Price: £18.74

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Thick Kneeling Pad

Waterproof Kneeling Mat
Waterproof Kneeling Mat

This simple rectangular kneeling pad is thick enough for comfort and it avoids water absorption while drying quickly, so it’s great for using on soggier afternoons. It’s easy to wipe clean and the simple pop out handle and light weight make it easy to carry around.

Price: £9.99

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Kneelo Memory Foam Knee Pads

Kneelo Memory Foam Kneeling Pads
Kneelo Memory Foam Knee Pad

Rather than carrying a keeling mat around the garden, why not try wearable knee pads instead? Made from memory foam and neoprene to help keep them warm and dry you simply attach a pad around each knee for ready-to-go support.

Price: £14.68

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Children’s Burgon & Ball RHS Dotty Kneelo

Burgon & Ball Dotty Kneelo
Burgon & Ball Dotty Kneelo

This bright, ladybird kneelo is just the thing for gardening children and will add a bit of fun to their weekend planting and weeding. It’s small and light enough for little hands to carry and will help keep their knees supported while they get their hands dirty.

Price: £14.99

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