Trugs are a must-have garden accessory, combining practical utility and ornamental value. They can used for collecting cut flowers and plant cuttings, as well as for harvesting your homegrown fruit, veg and culinary herbs. Plus, they can be used to create indoor displays and they make wonderful gardening gifts.


Trugs are available in a range of size, shapes and materials - from flexible silicone to sturdy wire - but in Anglo Saxon times, when it’s thought trugs were first used, they were made from a hollowed-out piece of solid wood, known as a ‘trog’, which meant a boat-like vessel. Over the centuries, this simple basket evolved into the more practical, lightweight willow version, made by craftsmen in Sussex, and gave rise to the aptly named Sussex Trug. The appeal of this design endures today, and a handful of the original companies continue to manufacture them. So, whether you’re after this timeless classic or a modern masterpiece, you're sure to find something to suit your taste and budget, in our carefully curated selection.

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10 of the best garden trugs

Browse our trug recommendations for discerning gardeners, below.

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Trugmakers Handmade Sussex Trug

Trugmakers Handmade Sussex Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This trug is handmade in East Sussex by maker Kevin who has decades of hands-on experience. The pictured design is the No.7 Harlequin Sussex trug (the number refers to its size) and every one comes with a lifetime guarantee against normal usage. All the trugs are signed and dated on completion.

Price: £49.80

Willow Direct Garden Tool Basket

Willow Direct Garden Tool Basket, Currently priced at £49.99
Willow Direct Garden Tool Basket

This woven trug combines a toolkit with a useful basket. The set includes five essential gardening tools and kit: a garden trowel, fork, wooden markers, a wooden measuring dibber and garden string. Made from woven willow, the trug includes handy straps to keep the tools neatly in place while they’re not in use.

Price: £64.80

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Burgon and Ball Hip Trug

Burgon and Ball Hip Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This hip trug clips easily onto your waistband in a snug neoprene sleeve for hands-free access while you’re working in the garden. With a three-litre capacity, it’s the ideal size for storing harvested garden produce and can be easily tipped out ready to be refilled. It's even safe for dishwasher and microwave use.

Price: £4.99

Burgon and Ball Natural Trug

Burgon and Ball Natural TrugAmara Woven Garden Tool Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Burgon and Ball’s trug is handmade from poplar wood and makes a stylish carrier for garden flowers and vegetables. Made from sustainably-sourced poplar wood, the trug would make a lovely gift for eco-conscious gardeners.

Price: £36.99

Colander Trug

Colander Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Colander Trug

This handy trug is ideal for harvesting your home-grown edibles. The colander base of the trug allows you to wash your garden vegetables within the trug, rather than needing to decant them into anything else. The excess water drains out of the bottom and then you’re ready to start preparing your feast.

Price: £10.07

Open Flower Trug

Open Flower Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

The distinctive, open-ended design of this woven willow trug allows cut flowers to lie flat. It could also be used for displaying decorative items indoors.

Price: from £24.97

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Tierra Garden Recycled Plastic Trug

Tierra Recycled Plastic Trug

This sturdy trug is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, making further use of plastic already in the system and keeping it out of landfill.

Price: £9

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Galvanised Metal Trug

Galvanised Metal Trug - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This trug is made galvanised steel, making it useful for carrying heavy hand tools, as well as plant cuttings and edible crops. It has separate compartments and a smooth wooden handle for ease of carrying.

Price: £27.99

Personalised Embroidered Botanical Gardening Trug

Personalised Botanical Gardening Trug
Personalised Botanical Gardening Trug

We love this variation on the trug-theme, which can be personalised to make it a thoughtful gift. Made from canvas, this durable design features a combination of one main pocket and six outer ones, so there’s plenty of room for carrying a variety of items.

Price: £48

Tubtrug 15L Rubber Trug

Tubtrug 15-litre Rubber Trug

Looking for something particularly durable and robust? This trug has flexible sides and a 15-litre capacity (other sizes are also available) to fit in crops, feed or even water. The rubber is 100 per cent food grade, meaning it’s safe around children and pets and it’s also resistant against UV rays and frost, for year-round use.

Price: £9.35

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