Christmas gifts for gardeners/books for wildlife lovers

Christmas gifts – books for wildlife gardeners

We recommend five books by wildlife gardeners and nature writers.


The Garden Jungle – Dave Goulson

An insight into the wildlife that lives under our noses, in the parks, gardens and streets around us. Jonathan Cape. £11


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Christmas gifts for gardeners/the garden jungle


Wildlife Gardening – Kate Bradbury

A practical guide to attracting wildlife into our gardens, packed with practical projects, planting ideas and tips on habitat creation. Bloomsbury Wildlife, £8.99

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Christmas gifts for gardeners/wildlife gardening


How Can I Help Hedgehogs? – Helen Bostock and Sophie Collins

A collection of over 100 practical ideas for helping hedgehogs and other garden wildlife, including bats, bees and birds. Mitchell Beazley. £10.49

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Christmas gifts for gardeners/How can I help Hedgehogs?


The Wildlife Pond Book – Jules Howard

Jules Howards explains why ponds are so vital for wildlife, and gives you the know-how you need to design, plant up and maintain your pond. Bloomsbury Wildlife £11.89

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Christmas gifts for gardeners/The Wildlife Pond Book


Turning the Boat for Home. Richard Mabey

A collection of Richard Mabey’s favourite pieces from his long and distinguished writing career, each with an introduction. Chatto & Windus £14.16

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Christmas gifts for gardeners/Turning the Boat for Home


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