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10 of the best shed paints

Revive and protect your garden shed or fences with a fresh coat of paint.

Painting your shed can brighten up the garden with a splash of colour, or add a touch of sophistication with a more natural coating to enhance the timber exterior.


In addition to improving the appearance of your shed, fence or even pergolas and trellises, the right treatment can protect wood from the weather and prevent rotting all year round.

The product you choose will depend on what you are painting, how quickly you need the job finished, your budget and the particular protective qualities you are looking for. Below, we have curated a selection of shed paints of various types to help inform your decision.

We’ve included premium options along with those which are a little kinder to the purse strings, plus more environmentally friendly choices.

And if you feel a fresh coat of paint isn’t enough to revive your old shed, we’ve created a guide to buying the best garden sheds including various examples, in case you’re considering investing in a new one.

We also have a guide to choosing the best greenhouse, which also includes examples, plus a list of clever garden storage and shed storage ideas to help keep everything neat and tidy.

10 of the best shed paint options

Browse our selection of fence and shed paint, below;


Ronseal One Coat Fence Life Matt Shed and Fence Treatment, 5L

Ronseal One Coat Fence Life Matt Shed and Fence Treatment

This Ronseal treatment is designed to do the job in just one coat, so it’s ideal for those with less time on their hands. The colour should last for up to two years without fading and it will protect the wood as well as brighten it up. You can apply the shed paint with a brush or a sprayer and it will be rainproof in one to two hours.

Price: £12

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Ronseal Fence Life Plus Matt Shed and Fence Treatment, 5L

Ronseal Fence Life Plus Matt Shed and Fence Treatment

The Ronseal Life Plus version provides five years of protection for sheds and fences. Offering shielding from rain, frost and snow, it’s ideal for the winter months but it won’t fade in the sun either.  The treatment can be applied to rough, planed and even damp wood and will be 100% rainproof in just an hour.

Price: £16

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Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback Waterproof for Sheds and Fences, 5L

Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback Waterproof for Sheds and Fences

Cuprinol’s Ducksback range contains a wax enriched water repellent which weatherproofs sheds within an hour, for up to five years. The quick drying formula is non-drip and low-odour, so it’s easier and more pleasant to work with and the paint is also safe for use around your pets as well as any surrounding plants.

Price: £14.36

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Cuprinol Garden Shades Matt Wood Treatment, 1L

Cuprinol Garden Shades Matt Wood Treatment

This wood treatment from Cuprinol aims to enhance natural wood and is designed so that the natural texture of the woodgrain still shines through. Touch dry within an hour it will provide protection from the weather for up to six years .

Price: £14

Buy Cuprinol Garden Shades at Wickes


Wickes Shed and Fence Timbercare, 9L

Wickes Shed and Fence Timbercare

This good value shed paint by Wickes is fade-resistant for up to three years and should provide long-lasting protection against UV rays and adverse weather. The matt treatment is ideal for rough wood and takes around four hours to dry, when it is completely safe for plants and animals.

Price: £10

Buy Wickes Shed and Fence Timbercare at Wickes


Cuprinol Ultimate Golden Cedar Matt Wood Preserver, 4L

Cuprinol Ultimate Golden Cedar Matt Wood Preserver

Cuprinol’s wood preserver protects garden wood, such as sheds and fences, from rot, decay and fungal blue stain. It takes between two and six hours to dry and contains UV filters to provide lasting colour for up to five years. Waxes within the formula penetrate deep into the wood for enhanced protection.

Price: £36

Buy Cuprinol Ultimate at B&Q


Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain, 0.25L

Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain

This fast-working gloss wood stain from Ronseal can dry within 30 minutes, making it ideal for busy gardeners. The gloss provides weather protection with UV resistance as well as waterproofing and it should not yellow over time. Designed for use on sanded wood which has been cleaned with white spirit.

Price: £11

Buy Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain at B&Q


Treatex Classic Colour Collection, 0.5L

Treatex Classic Colour Collection

This shed paint from Treatex promises an opaque, satin sheen finish. Tested for durability in harsh coastal environments and mountainous regions it should last well in all conditions. The paint is made from natural, sustainable materials including soybean oil and beeswax, so it’s gentler on the planet, too.

Price: £35

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GoodHome Colour It, 9L

GoodHome Colour It

B&Q offers a budget-friendly outdoor shed paint for your garden. It’s suitable for rough sawn wood and is both weather and UV resistant. You can apply the paint using a brush or a sprayer, but it’s likely you’ll need more coats to achieve a similar coverage to premium brands. The paint is showerproof after one hour and guaranteed for five years.

Price: £12

Buy GoodHome Colour It at B&Q


Lakeland Shed and Fence Treatment, 5L

Lakeland Shed and Fence Treatment

Lakeland’s shed and fence treatment is created with the environment in mind and is free of VOCs (volatile compounds) which contribute to atmospheric pollution. The treatment is also part of Lakeland’s completely solvent-free paint range and can be used on both rough and planed timber. The paint should inhibit the growth of mould and algae and is available in a choice of 10 colours.

Price: £40.53 (excluding tax)

Buy Lakeland Shed and Fence Treatment at Lakeland Paints


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