Hoses – Buyer’s Guide

Choose the best hose for your garden, with the help of our video guide.

A good hose is a must-have piece of kit for all gardeners. At first glance, hoses might all look very similar, but they vary enormously in quality.

In this video Buyer’s Guide we explain all you need to know when choosing the best hose for your garden.

We outline the price range for entry-level, mid-range and premium hoses and explain the differences between them.

Then, we consider the various uses of a garden hose and how this might affect your choice. We share tips on testing hose quality, working out how long it needs to be and also choosing more eco-friendly options.

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After looking at the connectors you’ll need, we offer advice on setting up your hose, caring for it after use and storing during the winter months.

Watch now, for all you need to know about buying a garden hose.

Many thanks to Sue Fisher for her help in making this video.

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