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from £9 Each pot contains 5 multi-headed bulbs.

This elegant white pot of Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) may seem delicate, but rest assured, its dainty appearance belies a powerful, perfumed presence! Simply place them in a cool, sunlit spot with a touch of moisture, and then watch as they quickly grow and bloom. Encased in a snowflake-embellished container, these Paperwhites not only add a delightful fragrance but also become a stunning centrepiece for your festive table.

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£19.99 Supplied as a bare root.

The fruit trees within this selection are a great option for small gardens and patios. Each variety promises bumper crops and a delightful view, whether they're in full bloom or bearing fruit. Select from a trio of tree varieties, including Peach 'Redhaven', 'Bramley' Apple, and 'Stella' Cherry, and savour the sweet deal of buy one, get one free!

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