Best kids’ gardening tools, sets and supplies

From sunflowers and beanstalks to mini trowels and gardening gloves. Here's our pick of the best kids gardening kit.

We’re all spending more time at home, so it’s more important than ever to get kids outside into the fresh air – whether that’s in the garden or at the allotment. To keep little ones entertained outdoors, there are lots of kids’ gardening kits and specially made tools that are perfect for helping them get involved in the garden – so they can have a go at their own gardening projects.


For even more fun outdoors, try our guides to the best kids’ wheelbarrows and best kids’ gardening gloves. And we’ve also found some of the best wooden playhouses and kids’ garden toys to keep them entertained between gardening tasks.

Best kids’ gardening kits, tools and supplies

Here you’ll find everything you need to put Alan Titchmarsh’s advice into practice. There’s a range of kids’ garden tools, kits and sets, guaranteed to get your children gardening and enjoying the outdoors.

Children’s Gardening Tools

Kids Gardening Tools

These tools are miniature versions of the real thing from Burgon & Ball, complete with stainless steel blades, so they actually work. The durable ash and rubberwood handles should weather better than toy plastic versions too. A digging spade and digging fork are suitable for children aged 6 and over, while the hand fork and trowel can be used by children over the age of 4.

Price: £9.95

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Grow Your Own Sunflower Kit

Kids gardening kit Grow your own sunflower kit

Growing sunflowers is a great activity to do with kids. These bright flowers are fast-growing, so children don’t have to wait long for results, and they’ll be amazed at how tall a plant they can grow from just a small seed. This growbag contains everything they need to get started, including seeds, peat-free compost and instructions for sowing their sunflower and planting it out in the garden.

Price: £3.99

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Animal Stickers

Kids gardening kit Animal Stickers

Help kids personalise their gardening activities with vibrant stickers – perfect for making plant pots, garden tools and toys more colourful. Choose from a host of different designs, including these cute, foil animal stickers.

Price: £1.00

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Little Gardeners Mimosa Kit

Little Gardeners Mimosa Kit

As Alan Titchmarsh explains, Mimosa pudica is great for getting kids interested in gardening, because the leaves curl up when touched – that’s why it’s also known as the sensitive plant. This Little Gardeners Kit comes with a two-litre pot, compost and seeds. There are also fun facts and activities, growing instructions and even a sticker sheet so children can make the pot their own.

Price: £6.99

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Strawberries Jute Grow Set

Kids gardening kit Strawberry jute grow set

Kids love sweet, juicy strawberries and this kit allows them to grow their own – even if you only have a windowsill. What better way to get kids excited about eating their five-a-day, than by growing one themselves. The kit contains a plastic-lined jute bag, seeds, soil and self-watering gel. Put it somewhere sunny, keep it watered and kids can watch their strawberries grow.

Price: £6.99

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Briers Kids Watering Can

Kids gardening kit Briers watering can

A full watering can is heavy for little hands to carry, but this lightweight, miniature metal version should be just right for kids. The bright colours have extra kid-appeal, while the rose will help them water plants gently, rather than drowning them.

Price: £11.99

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Suttons Vegetable Seeds

Kids gardening kit vegetable seeds

As Alan Titchmarsh says, getting kids into gardening is always easier if they can see results fast and get to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Growing tasty vegetables ticks both of those boxes. Choose fast-growing veg that they like to eat. Spring onions, lettuce and radishes are quick and easy to grow, so ideal for kids to get started with.

Price: from £1.75

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Nutley’s Coloured Plant Pots

KIds gardening kit coloured plant pots

This great-value pack includes 48 small plant pots in a rainbow of eight vibrant colours. Let kids choose a pot to match the colour of the plant they’re growing or, if you have several children, it’s an easy way for kids to keep track of which plants are theirs – perfect for growing competitions!

Price: £9.99

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Briers Kids Gardening Gloves

Kids gardening kit Briers junior gloves

Protect delicate little hands with a pair of gardening gloves. These brightly coloured, elasticated gloves by Briers are designed to fit 5- to 9-year-olds, and will help keep their hands clean and safe from scrapes and scratches. For more ideas, read our reviews of the best kids’ gardening gloves.

Price: £3.25

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Children’s Grow Your Own Cress Gardening Set

Kids gardening kit grow your own cress set

This set is perfect for the smallest gardeners, and comes complete with everything they need to grow their own cress – perfect for adding to sandwiches. As well as the seeds and coir planter, the kit includes colourful tools, plant markers and a child-sized watering can. There’s also a notebook and pencil so they can keep track of their progress.

Price: £30

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Venus fly trap

Kids gardening kit venus fly trap

This macabre plant is bound to spark your little one’s interest. The Venus fly trap is carnivorous and will attract and eat flies. Kids can even test out the plant’s reflexes by touching a trap with a pencil and watching it close – but be careful not to try that trick too many times! They grow well on a windowsill indoors, so you don’t even need a garden.

Price: £9.99

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Plant it, Grow it and Eat it

Kids gardening kit plant it grow it eat it

This engaging kit teaches kids to grow beans, cress and nasturtium. As well as the seeds and materials for growing, there are colour-in and cut-out garden characters. Glue, a ruler and spatula are also included.

Price: £6.95

Buy Plant it, Grow it and Eat it from Etsy

Grow A Lightsaber Yoda Onion Seeds

Kids gardening kit spring onions

Young Star Wars fans will love growing their own edible ‘lightsabers’. Fast-growing spring onion seeds are a great way to get kids into growing their own vegetables.

Price: £2.49

Buy Grow A Lightsaber Yoda Onion Seeds from Suttons

RHS Let’s Get Gardening guide

Kids gardening kit Let’s Get Gardening book

This bright, clear and engaging book from the Royal Horticultural Society has tips for the whole family. Packed full of activities to do with children, there are DIY tricks, like turning old wellies into plant pots, and wildlife-friendly advice, such as how to build a miniature nature reserve in your own back garden.

Price: £8.19

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There’s A Tiger In The Garden Seed Bomb and Book Set

Kids gardening kit There’s a Tiger in the Garden book and seed bomb set

The grenade-shaped container is filled with flower seeds and organic compost. Throw it into a patch of bare soil in the garden and look forward to seeing the colourful flowers grow. This one is inspired by the popular children’s book, There’s a Tiger in the Garden, and includes a copy of the book. The seedbom contains a mixture of black cornflower, African daisy ‘Orange Glory’, rudbeckia and California poppy seeds – to create an orange and black display as vibrant as any tiger.

Price: £14.50

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Sweetcorn Growing Pot of Fun

Kids gardening kit sweetcorn growing pot of fun

If your little one already has all the tools they need, and you’d like to try growing sweetcorn, try this cute starter set. It includes seeds, a pot, compost cubes and a plant marker topped with a bunny rabbit. Kids aged three and up can join in.

Price: £6.95


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