Bees on a magenta flowerhead

What garden wildlife is doing now

Find out what garden wildlife is up to in April

April sees more insects on the wing, including more species of bumblebee, ground-nesting mining bees, and butterflies, moths and hoverflies. You’ll also spot queen wasps emerging from hibernation, which do a fantastic job of keeping garden pests under control, and should be welcomed much more into our gardens.

How to help wildlife in your garden:

Hedgehogs are waking up

Leave out food for emerging hedgehogs

Hedgehogs should be out and about now, building up reserves lost during their winter sleep – do leave them out meaty dog or cat food, or biscuits, along with a dish of water, which can really help them get into shape for breeding. They nest in dense undergrowth such as bramble thickets and open compost heaps. Ensuring they have a safe spot to nest in your garden will dramatically help them have a successful breeding year.

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