Flowering plants for damp shade

We pick some of the best plants with flowers, to grow in damp, shady spots.

If a part of your garden is damp and shady, it’s crying out to be planted with moisture-loving blooms.


Lots of plants enjoy these conditions, although this selection is the cream of the crop – they’ll all be assets in your garden. If you’re looking for crops to grow in shade, take a look at our features on the best fruit crops for shade, and herbs for shade.

Discover beautiful flowering plants for damp shade to grow, below.

Swept-back petals give great character to graceful dog's tooth violet, Erythronium.


A great architectural plant, Angelica archangelica has deep-cut foliage and huge, rounded, bright green flowerheads. It self-seeds readily after flowering.



During summer, the wiry stems of astilbes hold aloft the plume-like flowerheads of this easy-to-grow perennial. Provided the soil is moist, astilbes are happy in partial shade. Pink, red and white varieties are available, so take your pick.


Bleeding heart

With arching stems of nodding, heart-shaped flowers, Lamprocapnos (or Dicentraspectablis is an elegant perennial.


Brunnera macrophylla

Reliably tough, even in poor soil, Brunnera macrophylla shows its daintier side when sprays of forget-me-not flowers shimmer over its bristly leaves in spring.



Our native Primula veris looks great planted in woodland or naturalised in grass under trees.



Swept-back petals give great character to graceful dog’s tooth violet, Erythronium. It loves growing in cool, shady conditions and moist, humus-rich soil.



A dramatic foliage plant, Rodgersia, has cream flower plumes that turn bronzy in autumn. It favours constantly moist conditions.


Solomon’s Seal

With arching stems and delicate flowers, Polygonatum x hybridum is an elegant choice for a shady spot. This perennial likes moist, humus-rich soil.



A North American woodland perennial, Trillium erectum bears large leaves that frame its classy wine-red (occasionally white or yellow) flowers. It revels in shade in humus-rich, damp soil.


Candelabra primulas

These stunning perennials are at home in moist soil and partial shade. Candelabra primulas to grow in include, Primula beesiana and Primula chungensis.


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