Shrubs are perfect for providing structure in the border, and many offer the added bonus of autumn colour in the form of colourful foliage, flowers and berries.


Take a look at five of the best shrubs that look good in October, below.

Euonymus alatus

Winged spindle, Euonymus alatus, provides unmissable colour in autumn as the foliage turns a striking shade of crimson. For more autumn colour, you could also consider Euonymus europaeus.

Euonymus europaeus
Striking crimson foliage of the winged spindle

Potentilla fruticosa

This low-growing deciduous shrub bears pretty flowers that dot the plant. Numerous cultivars are available in colours ranging from white, yellow, orange, pink and red. Very hardy, the blooms will last longest when it's grown in a moist spot.

Potentilla fruticosa Elizabeth
Buttercup-like, pale-yellow blooms of potentilla


Aptly known as the beauty berry, callicarpas produce eye-catching clusters of purple berries in autumn. The deciduous foliage is also attractive, turning a distinctive golden-purple colour before falling.

Callicarpa japonica Luxurians
Vivid purple berries and bronze foliage of calicarpa

Dogwoods (Cornus)

Many dogwoods (cornus), such as Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire' offer great autumn foliage. Once the leaves have fallen they reveal colourful stems that offer interest in winter. Cut down in late winter for colourful stems the following year.

Cornus Midwinter Fire
Bright golden foliage and red stems of dogwood 'Midwinter Fire'


These attractive shrubs bear sweet-smelling blooms in May and June, before the foliage turns rich shades of yellow, orange and red in autumn. Hardy and enjoys a sunny spot for the best blooms and autumn colour.

Fothergilla monticola
Yellow-orange-red foliage of Fothergilla monticola

Favourite shrubs for autumn berries