Vegetable seeds to sow in May

We pick five vegetables to start from seed in May, including tasty carrots and cucumber.

With the risk of frost gone, most seeds can now be directly sown outdoors, including carrots, beetroot and outdoor varieties of cucumber


When sowing, it’s worth remembering that the size of the seeds you’re using can affect the sowing methods needed. Watch our No Fuss Guides on sowing small seeds and sowing large seeds, to help you along.

Get tasty harvests with our guide on the vegetable seeds to sow in May, below.

A tasty addition to both sweet and savoury dishes, carrots are a brilliant crop to grow from seed.


If you’re new to growing vegetables, beetroot is ideal. The seeds don’t need much encouragement to germinate and they’re easy to grow once started. ‘Boltardy’ is one of the most popular cultivars to grow, but you could also try a more unusually coloured cultivar, such as ‘Touchstone Gold’.



Little beats a buttery corn on the cob in summer. May is the last time to sow sweetcorn, to give them plenty of time to grow and ripen. Here’s how to grow sweetcorn, for delicious, homegrown cobs.



By growing your own cucumbers, you’ll find out just how much better the flavour is in comparison to anything shop-bought. Here’s how to grow cucumbers from seed, and harvest cucumbers when the time comes.


Sprouting broccoli

An extremely robust crop, sprouting broccoli produces nutrient-packed, succulent spears perfect for steaming, boiling and grilling. Growing sprouting broccoli from seed is easy, and you can expect harvests through winter.



A tasty addition to both sweet and savoury dishes, carrots are a brilliant crop to grow from seed. As well as the classic orange cultivars, you could also try growing colourful cultivars such as ‘Yellowstone’. 


Watch out for pests

Pests and diseases like carrot fly can ruin a crop, so make sure you follow our 10 ways to avoid carrot root fly, as well as our problem solving pages on slugs, aphids, courgette rot and cucurbit mildew.