Sowing seeds doesn’t need to be a tricky business. Whether you are planting vegetable seeds such as chillies and tomatoes, or colourful sweet pea flowers or cornflowers, a dibber will help you out.


An ideal tool for gardening, a dibber is a long pointed stick that pokes identical holes into the soil to create the perfect place to plant seeds, seedlings, cuttings and small bulbs.

They are usually made from wood, metal, or plastic, and vary in their widths. Different dibbers will have a range of handle styles, including straight, T-shaped and D-shaped.

We’ve pulled together a selection of some of the best dibbers to buy on the market, including stainless steel and brass-tipped options to prevent rusting over time. We’ve also included some handy advice on what a dibber is used for and how exactly to use it.

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The best dibber tools in 2023

From wooden to stainless steel, browse our pick of the best dibbers.

Burgon and Ball Stainless Dibber

Burgon and Ball RHS Stainless Steel Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Burgon and Ball RHS Stainless Steel Dibber

This RHS-endorsed dibber is ergonomically designed to be wide enough to plant seeds, seedlings and bulbs. Made from British stainless steel, the dibber has a sharp end to easily pierce the soil and a total length of 27cm.

Price: £18.76

Buy Burgon and Ball Stainless Dibber at Amazon

Garden Gear Dibber

Garden Gear Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Garden Gear Dibber

Crafted from pinewood, this dibber has 2cm increments up the length of its shaft to help measure the exact depth of any holes made. The point is rounded and the full length of the dibber is 24cm.

Price: £8.99

Buy Garden Gear Dibber at Amazon

Spear and Jackson Dibber

Spear and Jackson Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Spear and Jackson Dibber

The Spear and Jackson Dibber has a longer handle than traditional dibbers to avoid excessive bending or stooping while you work. It has an FSC-approved, weatherproofed wooden handle and a tip made from polished stainless steel to protect it against rust.

Price: £15.49

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National Trust Dibber

National Trust Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
National Trust Dibber

With a total length of 17cm, this dibber has an FSC-approved ash handle and a high-carbon steel tip. The latter has an antique bronze powder coating to protect it from corrosion and measure markings along its length.

Price: £13.95

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Darlac Bamboo Dibber

Darlac Bamboo Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Darlac Bamboo Dibber

The Darlac Bamboo Dibber has an offset handle for better comfort and control. It's crafted from eco-friendly Bamboo with a rust resistant stainless steel head.

Price: £10.50

Buy Darlac Bamboo Dibber at Amazon

Draper Garden Dibber

Draper Garden Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Draper Garden Dibber

The Draper Garden Dibber has an 'L' shaped handle for improved grip and comfort. The head is made from stainless steel for protection against rust and the full length of the dibber is 12cm.

Price: £8.49

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Wooden Garden Dibber

Wooden Garden Dibbers – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Wooden Garden Dibbers

This wooden dibber is handmade and customisable. Its maker allows you to choose from a number of woods including oak, ash and beech. The dibber also comes with a leather thong to make it easy to hang up and store.

Price: £12

Buy Wooden Garden Dibbers at Etsy

DeWit Brass Tipped Dibber

DeWit Brass Tipped Dibber – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
DeWit Brass Tipped Dibber

Made from solid ash, this dibber from DeWit has a brass tip to give it extra durability. The side is engraved with inch markings and there's a heavy duty cord for easy storage.

Price: £23.99

Buy DeWit Brass Tipped Dibber at Crocus

What is a dibber used for?

A dibber is a long, stick-like tool used to make holes for seeds and seedlings to make sure they're sufficiently buried in the soil without damage. The width of a dibber will vary and thinner dibbers are best suited to sowing seeds and cuttings, while planting small bulbs requires a thicker tool.

Some dibbers will also have measurements along the shaft to give greater accuracy on the depth of the hole. The size of the seed should dictate how far down it's buried. As a general rule, seeds should be covered with their own depth of soil. For more help on sowing seeds, read our guide on how deep to sow seeds.


This product guide was last updated in September 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.