10 essential allotment tools and kit

Starting off a vegetable plot or allotment? Alan Titchmarsh reveals the essential kit you'll need.

In this No Fuss Guide, Alan Titchmarsh runs through essential kit for a productive veg plot. He recommends tools that will enable you to work more easily, and for longer. Then, he shares advice on dealing with stony or clay soils and explains the uses for different types of hoe. Finally, Alan turns his attention to the smaller but equally important tools and accessories for the allotment, and explains how to ensure your crops are sown in straight lines.

Are you properly equipped for growing fruit and vegetables? Find out, in our short video guide.

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10 tools to maintain a veg plot or allotment

Border spade

Reduce your carbon footprint - avoid digging
Reduce your carbon footprint – avoid digging

Smaller than a digging spade a border spade lifts less soil so it’s easier to use and allows you to work for longer.

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Border fork

Prepare your soil by forking and improving

A border fork is great for digging over stony or clay soil. You can also use the back of the fork to break down clods of earth to create a finer tilth.

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Raking the soil and reducing compaction

The perfect levelling tool a rake is run back and forth across the surface of the soil to create a fine tilth for seed sowing.

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Weeding Hoe

Hoeing weeds
Hoeing weeds

There are lots of different types of hoe. A swan neck hoe is good for slicing weeds off at the root and for getting in between rows.

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Draw hoe

Using a draw hoe to cover seeds in a drill

A draw hoe is good for weeding but is also useful for drawing drills in the ground ready for seed sowing and for pulling the soil back over the seeds.

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Wooden plank

Sowing seeds outdoors

A plank, laid on the ground next to drills or planting rows, stops you walking on newly dug and levelled soil and helps to avoid compaction and keep the ground even.


Green garden kneeler

Useful when you’re seed sowing, planting and hand weeding a kneeler will protect your knees and keep them dry.

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Planting onion set
Planting onion set

A sturdy hand trowel is useful for planting out vegetable plants and onion sets.

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Garden Line

Sowing spinach in a seed drill

A garden line, pushed into the soil and stretched taut will help you plant and make seed drills in a straight line.

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Leeks in basket
Leeks in basket

Just the thing for collecting your harvests!

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