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Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in criminal psychology or simply want to take your true crime obsession to the next level, the International Open Academy can give you all the skills you need to succeed. It offers a range of insightful e-learning courses such as Criminal Psychology, as well as Criminology and Profiling – and with this exclusive deal, you can get up to 86% off a bundle that gives you access to both! Usually priced at £218, you’ll only pay £29.99 when you enter the code IOACRIMEBUNDLE at the checkout, so now is the perfect time to enrol!



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The International Open Academy is an e-learning platform that helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop their skills. Courses are led by industry experts, with text-based material as well as interactive video classes, so you can be sure you’ll receive all the support you need.

When you purchase this bundle, you’ll have full access to the Criminal Psychology course and the Criminology and Profiling course. The key content of each is as follows:

Criminal Psychology

  • The science and psychology that supports criminology
  • Criminal theory and the justice system
  • Impartiality, professionalism and conduct
  • Bias, how to avoid it and be culturally competent
  • Tools and abilities to carefully consider theories

Criminology and Profiling

  • The process of generating a profile
  • Theories behind investigation
  • Types of crime and punishment
  • Introduction to forensic science
  • Case studies

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