Campanula glomerata

Plants for a west-facing border

Take a look at some of our favourite plants to grow in a west-facing bed or border.

West-facing borders receive a little shade in the mornings, followed by sunshine for the rest of the day.


Like east-facing borders, they’re considered partially shady. However, as they receive hot, afternoon sun, the growing conditions are quite different between the two.

Shade-loving plants are less likely to thrive here, so it’s best to stick to plants that can grow in full sun, as well as partial shade.

If you need to cover a west-facing fence or wall, take a look at this handy video on choosing climbers for a west-facing wall.

Discover some of the best plants for a west-facing border, below.

Elder (Sambucus nigra) is a robust native shrub, with pretty panicles of summer flowers.

Hardy geraniums

Hardy geraniums, or cranesbills, are tolerant plants that will grow well in full sun or partial shade. If you need some inspiration, take look at these six hardy geranium planting combinations.



In the wild, Phlox paniculata, the species from which many cultivars derive, grows in partial shade, so a west-facing spot is ideal. Famed for their fragrance and numerous blooms.



For a bit of spring colour, try tulips. Simply, plant small groups of the bulbs in bare areas of the border in autumn. For scent, check out these three richly scented tulips to grow.



There are roses to suit almost any spot in the garden. For a west-facing border, try planting a shrub rose. For a west-facing wall, rambling roses will provide quick cover – here are some of the best rambling roses to grow.



Daffodils are invaluable for providing some cheery colour early in the year. Easy to grow and relatively inexpensive, some are scented, too. Here’s how to plant daffodils in borders.



There are lots of campanulas you could grow in a west-facing border. For the middle of the border, try Campanula glomerata and for the back, go for a tall cultivar like ‘Kent Belle’. Campanula carpatica is low-growing, and can be planted at the front.



Common jasmine, Jasminum officinale, is a vigorous climber – perfect for quickly covering a west-facing fence or wall. Aim to grow in a sheltered spot close to seating to make the most of the delicious perfume.



Elder (Sambucus nigra) is a robust native shrub, with pretty panicles of summer flowers, followed by glossy black berries. Some beautiful cultivars are available, including ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Marginata’.



Flowering in the coldest months of the year, camellia flower buds will benefit from a bit of morning shade. If frosted, morning sun can thaw the buds too quickly, causing them to discolour and fade more quickly.



Magnolias can be used to wonderful effect in a west-facing border. Depending on which magnolia you grow, you can have flowers in late-winter, spring or summer. They’ll also add structure to borders, and provide interest in the form of attractive branches.


Small trees for a west-facing border

  • Laburnums