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Fruit and veg

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House plants

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  • Clean out the greenhouse to get rid of debris that can harbour overwintering pests and diseases
  • Wash greenhouse glazing to let in as much of the weaker autumn daylight as possible
  • Bring potted tropical plants inside, including bananas, pineapple lilies (eucomis) and brugmansias
  • Plant hippeastrum (amaryllis) bulbs in pots on a warm windowsill for flowers by Christmas
  • Move potted citrus plants and fuchsias inside over winter, keeping them cool but frost free
  • Sow quick-growing microgreens for nutrient-rich pickings in just a few weeks, here's 10 microgreens to grow
  • Line greenhouse glazing with bubble insulation, as night-time temperatures start to drop
  • Keep indoor azaleas constantly moist, ideally using rainwater
  • Pot up the roots of lily-of-the-valley to provide fragrant winter flowers indoors
  • Water plants more sparingly as conditions turn cooler and the days get shorter
  • Sow sweet peas in deep pots for early flowers next summer
  • Force narcissus bulbs for fragrant indoor blooms in about 10 weeks
  • Spread out harvested onions and garlic on greenhouse staging to dry thoroughly before storing
  • Inspect plants you bring into the greenhouse over winter for any pests and diseases
  • Attach guttering to the greenhouse and install a water butt, to make good use of autumn rain
  • Clear fallen leaves from greenhouse guttering to ensure water butts fill up

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Garden maintenance

  • Rake up fallen leaves from lawns, borders, driveways and paths, and store in a leaf mould bin to rot down into leaf mould
  • Build a log pile at the back of a border for wildlife to shelter in 
  • Check that your shed is secure and waterproof, so you can safely store tools and patio furniture in it over winter
  • Apply an autumn lawn feed to revive the grass after the rigours of summer
  • Give your pond some autumn maintenance, including removing barley straw, placed in the pond in spring to discourage algae, once it has turned black
  • Empty ceramic and glazed pots that aren't frost proof and store in a shed over winter
  • Spike compacted lawns and brush grit into the holes to improve drainage
  • Fork up perennial weeds, including horsetail or bindweed, removing every bit of root
  • Cut autumn-fruiting raspberries down to the ground after harvesting
  • Collect up hoses and drip-feed systems and store indoors over winter, so they don't freeze and split
  • Clean out and disinfect bird boxes
  • Gather up canes and plant supports that are no longer in use, and store indoors over winter
  • Go on regular snail hunts, especially on damp evenings, to reduce overwintering populations

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