• Plant drifts of spring bulbs informally in a lawn, including crocuses, daffodils and snake's-head fritillaries
  • Lift tender cannas to avoid frost damage, dry off the tubers and store in cool dark conditions until spring
  • Plant up cheery pot displays with winter colour, such as heathers, cyclamen, winter pansies and skimmia
  • Lift and pot up tender perennials, such as chocolate cosmos, gazanias and coleus, to protect over winter
  • Plant evergreen shrubs and conifer hedges while the soil is still warm
  • Remove any pot saucers and raise pots up onto feet to prevent waterlogging over winter
  • Transplant deciduous shrubs that are in the wrong place or have outgrown their current position
  • Wrap layers of fleece or straw around banana plants and tree ferns to protect from frost
  • Collect seeds from hardy perennials, such as astrantia, achillea and red valerian, and sow straight away
  • Take hardwood cuttings from ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Reduce the height of shrub roses to avoid windrock damage over winter
  • Empty spent summer pots and hanging baskets, and compost the contents

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£11.99 £23.98 For two plants

This impressive new cultivar produces a profusion of blooms throughout summer over rich green foliage. The flowers are reminiscent of passion flowers with beautiful layering of violet petals.

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£17.99 £31.98 For two plants

This beautifully scented potted evergreen daphne, flowers non-stop from April through to October. A compact shrub, it is great for planting as a fragrant border edge, or perfect in pots in gardens with restricted space.

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£14.99 £25.98 For two plants

This pretty, compact Buddleja 'Buzz 3 in 1' is perfect for small gardens or pots. A colourful, wildlife-friendly shrub which has a profusion of flower spikes in indigo, ivory and pale pink throughout summer, only growing to a height of 1.2m.

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