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  • Plant prepared hyacinth bulbs in pots or hyacinth glasses, for fragrant indoor flowers at Christmas
  • Take down greenhouse shade netting or wash off shading paint by the end of the month, as light levels start to fall
  • Stay vigilant for pests and diseases in the greenhouse, and treat any you find immediately
  • Plant dwarf spring bulbs in pots, including irises, crocuses, chionodoxa and scilla, for early flowers
  • Pot up tender perennials, such as fuchsias and osteospermum, from summer displays and bring indoors before temperatures drop
  • Plant Anemone De Caen corms for a vibrant indoor display in early spring
  • Pay close attention to greenhouse ventilation, shutting vents on cool nights
  • Check greenhouse heaters are in good working order, and find out how to keep the heat in this winter
  • Maintain good plant hygiene, picking off faded blooms and dead leaves before fungal diseases can take hold
  • Look out for forecasts of early frosts and be ready to bring tender potted plants under cover
  • Move potted peaches and nectarines into a cool greenhouse or porch
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Fruit and veg

House plants

For more house plant advice and inspiration visit our Growing and caring for house plants page. Find out how to rescue house plants in this podcast episode. 

Garden maintenance

  • Rake thatch from lawns, scarify well-trodden areas by spiking with a garden fork, and re-seed bare patches
  • Put netting across ponds to stop autumn leaves falling in and rotting, and keep on top of autumn pond maintenance
  • Water autumn-flowering asters regularly to deter mildew
  • Clean out water butts and check downpipe fittings in preparation for autumn rains
  • Remove duckweed, pondweed and algae from water features and ponds
  • Check that tree ties and plant supports are firmly in place, ahead of any autumn gales
  • Wash and disinfect bird feeders and tables to maintain hygiene
  • Collect fallen leaves to store in a leaf mould bin made of chicken-wire or bin bags to make leaf mould
  • Hunt for rosemary beetles on lavender and rosemary, picking off the striped metallic beetles and their grey larvae
  • Collect up and bin apples, plums and pears infected with brown rot, to reduce the spread of this fungal disease
  • Order bare-root fruit trees to plant later in autumn or winter
  • Check roses for signs of fungal diseases, such as blackspot, and pick off and bin all affected leaves
£4.99 £14.99 Supplied as 6 x plug plants

Erigeron karvinskianus 'Sea of Blossom' is a fabulous colour changing perennial that will light up your garden throughout the summer and autumn. Perfect for planting in pots and containers, or along your garden borders and pathways. 'Sea of Blossom' is also a must have if you are looking to encourage more wildlife into your garden this summer.

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£12.99 Supplied 12 x plug plants

Lead a parade of eye-catching colour through your garden this summer with this remarkable Geranium ’Parade’. Very versatile and perfect for planting in pots, containers, and borders, these reliable treats first flower in the early days of summer and continue to grow in abundance through to the first autumn frosts.

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£9.99 £19.99 x 12 plug plants

Busy lizzie, or impatiens, is a tender plant with long-lasting blooms, flowering continuously right through summer and autumn, often right up until the first frosts. They are compact-growing, adaptable and versatile plants that can be grown in all types of pots and containers as well as in borders or raised beds.

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